Green Trails of Future – Action Plan

Trail races are an increasingly popular form of sports activities all over the world. This type of competition, which takes place outside stadiums and paved roads, attracts an increasing number of participants and spectators. Competitions in trail races are organized by national branch sports associations, however, in addition to the officially registered competitions, the organization of races by various associations of citizens outside the registers of sports activities, and without appropriate work permits, is increasingly present.

Trail running as a competition format has a perspective and potential for attracting a larger number of young people than the current one. On the other hand, the lack of systemic solutions in this area, unclear responsibilities between organizations and lack of control by the state.

Recommendations for improving the participation of young people in trail competitions could be in the direction of:

o Development of programs and events aimed at supporting young people in trail racing (workshops, camps, free trainings).
o Increasing the financial availability of competitions for young participants (reduction of registration, travel and accommodation costs).
o Increasing the visibility of the competition and promoting a healthy lifestyle through social networks and campaigns.
o Education of participants about healthy nutrition and preparation for the competition.

This action plan aims to increase the attractiveness and visibility of trail running, especially among young people, by overcoming challenges, fostering partnerships and implementing strategic initiatives.

In the following period, it is necessary to focus on the development of regional centers in cities that have a strong trail community, which requires the development of sports experts – trainers who should work with young people.

It is necessary to standardize the competition and connect the organizers with the competent national associations. Also, the cooperation of various sports associations, which deal with trail running, is necessary at the national level. In the end, regional cooperation is necessary not only at the level of Slovenia, Serbia and North Macedonia, but also of other countries from the region in order to transfer experiences and examples of good practice, develop sports experts – coaches and form regional competitions and promote trail running in general.