MA TARA, Serbia

The Mountaineering Association “TARA” was founded on 22nd January 2012 with the primary objective of inspiring the local population to start practising mountain climbing and similar activities, primarily in the Tara mountain, but also across Serbia and the region. Club became a member of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia the same year, and since 2013, it has been a member of the Sports Association of Bajina Bašta.

The club started organising mountaineering and hiking tours in April 2012, and over the last 10 years, it has successfully implemented hundreds of those. Club members have left thousands of kilometres, conquered peaks and canyons behind them, and most importantly, the unforgettable moments of socialisation. Hundreds of Bajina Bašta residents took part in various club activities.

Aside from its regular activities, the MA Tara also took part in numerous charity and environmental actions. The club members took part in numerous rescue actions in the inaccessible terrains of the Tara Mountain.

МА Tara has considerable experience in the implementation of projects related to outdoor sports, rescue and ecology. Among other projects, the club has extensive experience in the realisation of projects financed from EU funds.

Within the club, there is a trail running team, which also has several junior runners. The trail running section has a lot of success in individual and team competition, and the club is also the current team vice-champion of Serbia (for 2022) in mountain running.

In cooperation with the Tara Ultra association, the club participates in the organisation of one of the most famous trail races in Serbia – Tara Ultra Trail.

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Mountaineering Association of Serbia

Mountaineering Association of Serbia is a national branched sports association and all basic sports mountaineering organizations, mountaineering-skiing organizations-clubs, societies, and other sports organizations are associated with it as members. The association had 186 basic organizations with 21000 members in 2022.

The mountaineering association of Serbia is a successor of the Serbian mountaineering society, founded on the 17th of June 1901, in Belgrade, and the legal successor of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia and Montenegro which ceased to exist on 01.12.2006.

It is a standalone, non-political and non-profit organization that regulates sports activities in mountaineering by appointing sports rules and achieves its goals through the work of the primary organizations affiliated with the Association and mountaineering associations as a form of territorial or interest organization of members within the Association.

The Mountaineering Association of Serbia is a member of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), the European Ramblers Association (ERA), the Balkan mountaineering union (BMU), the European Union of Mountaineering Associations (EUMA).

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Outdoor Association TREX – Unforgettable adventures under the open sky

For just over a decade, TREX has been organizing several independent, non-profit outdoor sports and recreation events that annually form a full calendar of mountain running races. Without a doubt, there is no running event in N.Macedonia in which TREX members are not involved as co-organizers, helpers, advisors, volunteers, but above all as participants.

Mountain running (trail running) is a sports discipline that is performed in a natural environment, usually through mountains, forests, fields, canyons, deserts. These endurance races take place on all kinds of tracks and surfaces, with a special emphasis on respect for nature. In mountain running races, distances from 20 km up to 300+ km are usually overcome. The most typical are ULTRA-RACES (Ultra-trail) of 60km, 80km, 100km and the cult distance of 100 miles (170 km).Our vision

The mountain is one of the most suitable places for recreating and practicing an active and healthy lifestyle. More and more we are looking for refuge from the stressful life in urban environments and it is trail running that offers us what we all need today – “freedom”.

Our mission lies in a quest for life-changing experiences, a path to self-knowledge from the first step to the last Creation of authentic experiences in the unique Macedonian nature as motivation for self-improvement of people of different ages and different parts of the world.

Our goals

  • Promotion and development of adventure sports by organizing trail running races
  • Promotion of an active lifestyle.
  • Promotion of N.Macedonia and its potential in adventure tourism.
  • Promotion of the Macedonian cultural-historical heritage.
  • Contribution to the development of sports in nature with a focus on trail running.
  • Placing Macedonia on the world map of trail running races.
  • Encouraging moral values and ethical behavior: Authenticity; humility; fair play; fairness; respect for others; self respect; respect for the environment; solidarity.
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HG Sports Institute Idrija

Since 2019, the Hg Sports Institute Idrija has been organizing the Hg Trail Idrija, this is the most popular trail racing event in the Idrija region. We started with distances of 14km, 27km and 50km, and in 2021 we have added Vertical and a special vertical race for children. From 2022, the longest track of 100 km was added, which will take our runners to the untouched nature of the Natura 2000 area and the UNESCO Geopark Idrija. We are proud to point out that Hg Trail Idrija is on the list of

UTMB® index races and that the tracks have ITRA certification. Also, in 2022, we hosted the Slovenian Championship for veterans on short courses (27 km), which includes all categories over 35 years old.

Our main goals are to organize trail running and mountain events with the aim of promoting activities in nature, healthy lifestyles, building a strong trail running community and developing/enriching the calendar of such activities. Our emphasis is on raising awareness of pure nature and the coexistence of man with nature, leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint with our event. Also, we are working on raising awareness about the UNESCO heritage site where our trails are located. Also, we are strongly focused on raising the awareness of young people about a healthy lifestyle, sports and traditions.

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