The first Eco trail event within the Green Trails of Future project was held in Idrija, Slovenia on August 18 and 19, 2023 as part of the HG Ultra Trail Idrija trail event. 


On the first day August 18, educational workshops on environmental topics were held in cooperation with educators from the UNESCO Global Geopark Idrija.

The activities took place in nature in the Idrija countryside. The kids had the chance to explore the geological characteristics of the Idrija Geopark on a themed playground in Idrijska Bela and to learn about the variety of rocks in the Idrija Geopark in a fun and playful way. Also, the importance of environmental protection was highlighted.

Trail Running Event

On the second day August 19, in addition to trail races for adults, races for children and adolescents were held on three different tracks:

– 0.5 km 20m D+
– 2.5 km 200m D+
– 14 km 680m D+

The start and finish of all races was at the town square in Idrija. There was 266 runners including 40 kids.

Children were divided into different age categories:

– D1/F1 – 5-6 years old (0.5 km)
– D2/F2 – 7-8 years old (0.5 km)
– D3/F3 – 9-10 years old (2.5 km)
– D4/F4 – 11-12 years old (2.5 km)
– D5/F5 – 13-14 years old (14 km)
– D6/F6 – 15-17 years old (14 km)

All race participants received appropriate prizes as part of the start packages (medals, T-shirts, water bottles).

Attached are the results and photos from the GTOF Eco trail event races.